Absolutely incredible staff! They are all so caring! You can always expect to come out feeling better than when you went in! Dr Woodall is extremely talented and very knowledgeable! Plus my numbing shot didn’t hurt a bit! – Morgan M.

I have been terrified of the dentist my whole life. Dr. Woodall has changed all of that! While, I still dont LOVE going to the dentist, I’m not terrified anymore. He is the sweetest! As is everyone else in the office! Highly recommend!!! – Angela W.

Gary is a kind, caring dentist with the most wonderful staff. Truly, a place for you and your family!!! – Sara L.

Exceptional staff and treatment! – Lana Z.

“We couldn’t be happier with his look and all the wonderful care all of you have extended to our family! WE LOVE OUR DENTIST AND ALL OF THE STAFF!!” Angela C.

“The staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable about my visit.” Henry B.

“Dr. Woodall and his staff are very professional. I highly recommend them.” Amy D.

“It is always a pleasurable experience with Dr Woodall’s office. The staff are very warm, friendly, and always recognize me when I come in. Dr. Woodall is also very conscious of being sure that I am comfortable in his office. I have had a bit of work done over the last 2 years, and he has me numb before I even know that he has given me a numbing shot. I am not very tolerant of pain either. His office certainly makes dentistry much more pleasant than it has ever been in the past. The work that he as done, is top notch! I have had a couple of crowns done by their office and they look and feel just like real teeth. I am super picky about my dental work, and I wouldn’t consider any where else!!” Carol M.

“Awesome staff. Very friendly and they will answer all your questions that you have.” Laura C.

“It is a very friendly and professional environment. Everyone is trying their best to make all of my visits as pleasant as possible. I have been Dr Woodall’s patient for 5 years now and I am planning to keep going.” Melika R.

“I am fairly new to the area and had a dental emergency. They fit me in quickly and treated me like I had been going there for 30 years. I can not say enough good things about how nice everyone is at this office. I would recommend them to everyone!” Laura A.

“Dr. Gary Woodall and his staff are always friendly and thorough! I trust this practice explicitly with all of my dental needs!” Sarah M.

“Always on time, always super concerned about me, always a pleasure. Super well trained and competent and gentle!” Gary W.

“Dr. Woodall and his staff deserve MORE stars! I have never been so impressed or comfortable with a dentist. I’ve always had a bit of anxiety regarding dental work, and I am completely at ease here. Professional, knowledgeable, cutting edge, AND caring? They are simply the BEST.” Ashley E.

“Make Gary your dentist, you’ll be glad you did! Great dentist and excellent staff!” William H.

“By far the best dental office I’ve ever been involved with! Wonderful dentist and staff!” Gina W.

“A Nice Place to Visit! Always feel comfortable! The staff is friendly and capable! The office is clean and inviting! Never have to wait long!” Brenda B.

“We’ve been with you the entire time!” Burt B.

“Great People! Great Environment! I felt so welcomed and I was well taken care of!!” Megan C.

“Dr Woodall is the most thorough and best dentist I have ever used.” Buddy M.

“Dr. Woodall and his staff were tremendous. I wasn’t a patient of his and he got me in the same day I called to get an appointment for an extreme toothache. They were very caring and compassionate. Will highly recommend them.” Michael H.

“Dr. Woodall’s office is clean, bright and friendly. The equipment is state of the art, and in like new condition.” Matt M.

“Impressive Dental Practice! I am impressed by the level of professionalism of Dr. Woodall and his staff. I was seen as a new patient and was very pleased with the comprehensiveness of Dr. Woodall’s exam and thoroughness of the health history taken. I found Dr. Woodall to be a person who listens well to the input of his patients and coordinates dental healthcare with my physical health issues.” Suzanne S.

“Hands down the best dental experience I have ever had (and I have had MANY!) All staff were very friendly, kind, & caring. Dr. Woodall & staff were thorough in gathering past history & current history as well & checking every thing out. They did not rush through & made me feel very comfortable & relaxed during the visit.” Armecy C.

“Excellence in dentistry exemplified! Dr. Woodall has provided me, my family, and my friends the best of care for many years. I have now experienced cosmetic dentistry by the hands of this amazing dentist, and am totally thrilled with the results! True concern and care by both the doctor and support staff for patient comfort, a gentle approach, careful planning, top notch dental skill and expertise, coupled with a high quality laboratory, results in the very best! Amazing results!” Pattie C.

“No wonder Dr. Woodall has so many patients! He is an Amazing dentist!!” John F.

“Excellent staff, outstanding dental care. Got an appointment same day to repair a crown that had fallen off after my regular dentist did not have time to see me.” Daniel P.

“I had serious dental issues and ended up with a super smile. I’m very happy with the way my veneers look. My smile turned out so much prettier than I expected!” Connie M.

“Very glad I chose Dr. Woodall to be my new dentist upon moving to Knoxville. He and his lovely staff made me feel comfortable and welcome.” Melissa L.

“Long time patient and never disappointed. Great Dentist and Great Staff. I have recommended them many times.” Janice C.

“Very professional yet friendly and comfortable. Up to date equipment and very thorough. Highly recommend.” Debra N.

“I came to Dr. Woodall more than 20 years ago after our previous dentist retired. He is skilled and compassionate. He saw me early one morning after a tooth had broken during dinner the night before we were scheduled to move my mother-in-law into assisted living. Fortunately, he was able to save the tooth. He is like family.” Jeanne R.

“My family has used Dr. Woodall for over 20 years. He work has never been less than excellent. A fine dentist and Christian.” Margaret S.

“Thank you for all the help you give us. We cannot believe your kindness. rating 5 star.” Ed H.

“From the appt scheduling and thru Gary’s work is better than expected. A lot of professionalism and pride. Old school good! Thank you for your care.” Mark M.

“I received a new crown in September 2017. It was on a tooth that had cracked and an old filling fell out. I was so happy and impressed with my new crown. Gary & team did a wonderful job matching color and the fit. My bite is so much more comfortable – day & night. I’m even sleeping better! Thanks!” Lynn S

“I have been to many dentists over time, and I trust Dr. Woodall and his staff more than anyone else I have ever been to. I have had a couple of unfortunate accidents which meant having two broken teeth fixed with cosmetic work. He has fixed both without making it noticeable and never caused me an ounce of pain. I recommend this office to anyone! I drive over an hour and it’s worth it!” Ariel

“He did an outstanding job! I showed my family & they can’t even tell where the filling is!” David S.

“I have and always will continue to refer you to everyone that I know. As a former assistant for Dr. Woodall, I know the care and quality of the work of himself and of his staff. Compared to other DDS that I have worked with, there is no comparison, or anyone else that I would trust. Absolutely great care, gentle, completely honest and trustworthy. The staff is more than competent and always up on the latest information and techniques. What a Blessing to have them for my family Dentist and as friends.” Rosey I.

“Gary Woodall is, by far, the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Haley was very thorough cleaning my teeth.” Dale H.

“Dr Woodall and staff are a great group. Very friendly, prompt, courteous, professional and a pleasure to be in their presence. I would strongly recommend to everyone!” Herman W.

“Top notch dentist and staff!!” Laci C.

“Dr. Woodall’s practice is people driven with focus on health and education for the consumer. The entire office and staff is user friendly supported on Christian principles.” Mildred J.

“I was very happy with my visit to your office. Dr. Woodall was very friendly as was the staff that I came in contact with. Thanks for getting me in so quickly even though I am not one of your patients.” Rita H.

“I didn’t know what to expect out of my first visit with Dr Woodall but I was beyond pleased with every step of my visit from checking in to leaving. Everyone seemed to have my best interest at heart and made me feel very comfortable. My exam was very thorough and I can’t wait to go back for my next visit. Dr Woodall has hired an excellent team and I won’t go anywhere but here in the future.” Carol H.

“Love Dr. Woodall and all his associates. I would highly recommend him.” Brooke M.

“Staff quickly makes you feel at ease. Dr. Woodall spends time getting to know you and explains procedures very well.” Barbara K.

“Excellent personalized care. You are a person AND a patient in this office. Thorough exam and diagnostic techniques with constant care and consideration for your comfort level.” William N.

“I am beyond happy to find Dr. Woodall and staff! (Dental care is very important to me, especially since my dental health suffered years ago at the hands of a doctor who was cheaper and a fan of mass production! I have paid for it since!) Dr. Woodall is very knowledgable, demonstrates great ability, and has my best interest at heart. His efficient and friendly staff follows his lead and is very helpful. And, as if that isn’t enough, Dr. Woodall has a great sense of humor–what more could one ask?!” Lee H.

“Truly the best Dentist in East TN. I am super picky about dentists and I research all potential dentists before making an appointment. While Dr. Woodall looks great on paper, his patient nature and complete competence really set him above the rest. I’ve been looking for a dentist in East TN for 6 years that would live up to my ridiculously high standards and Dr. Woodall is the only one that made the cut and the only one I will see.” Nicole F.

“Excellent personalized care. You are a person AND a patient in this office. Thorough exam and diagnostic techniques with constant care and consideration for your comfort level.” William N.

“Dr. Woodall and his staff are wonderful. I have serious anxiety about the dentist but they made my visit as stress free as possible. The doctor listened to me and I felt like he cared about what I was saying. I look forward to seeing Dr. Woodall again.” Stacy C.

“Professional, warm, welcoming and friendly environment. This office is the best! I highly recommend it!” Susan A.

“My visit was great, they filled in all my cavities so they are gone! Yay! “ Kate K. 9 y.o.

“My sister came here to get her cavities and even though I just had to come…the dentist was soooo nice! This is my favorite dentist and it should be yours too!” Anna K. 11 y.o.

“The smoothest filling I’ve ever had!” Anita D.

“Just wanted to let you know how grateful I was to be seen so quickly in your wonderful office! I thank you for your sincere concern and beautiful “fix” of my broken veneer. Each person was a delight to meet and I couldn’t be happier to have been referred to your office. I look forward to returning and thank you again for all you did to make me a little more “presentable”! Stephanie B.

“Dr. Woodall is the best dentist I have ever had and he is so funny and he is very smart and he is one of the reasons I love this place and everyone is so nice, and I always get good dental care!” Anna 11 y.o.

“I love this dentist. I love everyone here! This place is amazing and so cool! I think Dr. Woodall is funny and so cool and fun!” Kate 8 y.o.

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done/continue to do for me. I’m IN LOVE with my smile thanks to your commitment to my success. Thank you so much!” Kate S.

“Thank you for helping Kate through a difficult time. Richard and I truly are grateful.” Valerie S.

“Heather is an AWESOME hygienist! She is gentle, yet thorough. The best I’ve every had!” Laura K.

“You all are the best!”

“Feels awesome! I didn’t know that my teeth could NOT hurt! Feels like a million dollars!” Billy S.

“The facility is excellent and the treatment was excellent.” Jeff W.

“Heather really did a good job on my teeth-feels so good!” Marjorie C.

“Everyone had excellent skills and the whole staff was very friendly! Thanks for a great experience for the whole family!” Cathy H.

“Hands down the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Woodall and staff develop a plan of action up front for what’s needed and are honest about what’s a priority and what can wait. Cannot recommend them enough. Keep doing what you are doing! I wouldn’t change a thing.” Matt T.

“Rosey and Dr. Woodall made me feel so comfortable and at ease during my entire crown prep appointment. They were both super gentle and I never even noticed when Dr. Woodall was giving the injection to numb my mouth. The entire procedure was painless for me. I would highly recommend Dr. Woodall and his wonderful staff to anyone who wants a great dentist!”

“Haley was an excellent hygienist!! So gentle and thorough! My teeth have never felt cleaner and I felt I was treated by a true professional. Everyone was great! This is such a caring, kind, gentle, highly skilled and professional dental team! It’s like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, and Star Trek all rolled into one…wholesome, caring, highly trained people and atmosphere with the new and high tech facilities and equipment…they offered me a blanket, Evan had a subtle massage feature in their dental chairs and TV overhead to watch as much or little as I wanted. An amazing bunch of people and the best dental office I’ve ever been to. Can’t say enough good things, very pleased! “

“When staff comes to the door and says, ‘It’s so good to see you…’ reflects the warmth and compassion exhibited by staff in the office. Dr. Woodall and staff work to give you more with lasting satisfactory memories and great dental work is a bonus.” Mildred J.

“Gary and his staff are always warm, friendly, and accommodating. Dr. Woodall is not in my insurance company’s network…I don’t care. He is still, and will remain, my dentist.” Dale H.

“I love, love, love Dr. Woodall and his staff! This has to be the most professional and well-run office in the entire city! Debby and Patty are so helpful and kind! You just don’t find many places where you are treated so well!!

“The team is always so friendly. I love seeing such a happy office! True professionals! You are a model for all businesses!” Mike C.

“I did not have a family dentist in Knoxville. Over the weekend I had a tooth that became abscessed. I called Dr. Woodall’s on Monday morning and I was sitting in the dental chair that afternoon. He had a GREAT chairside manner, very nice and most importantly very gentle. His staff is very welcoming. If you don’t have a family dentist, I would highly recommend him. I know I have now found my family’s new dentist.” Teeka S.

“Everyone seems to be happy and engaged at the office….when I met Dr. Woodall I knew immediately I had found the right office.” Briana G.

“This was my 1st visit after switching dentists! Everyone was amazing! Greeting, consultation, exam & cleaning was far beyond my expectations! I am a scardy-cat with dentists – but they set me at ease and made me feel comfortable! They explained to me in depth what was going on and what to expect next. Well-oiled machine this office is – all team members were amazing! The technology component is strong as well – email & texting reminders make it easy to add to my Outlook calendar! I would and will recommend Dr. Woodall & team to friends & family for sure! If I could, I would rate them 10 start instead of five!” Jason L.

“Professional staff and excellent service. I was treated with compassion and urgency for my dental emergency. Highly recommend Gary Woodall and his team for all dental needs.” Bridgette F.

“Dr. Woodall made me feel very comfortable. He was not pushy about getting procedures done and explained everything he was doing very well. Great experience. Would recommend to anyone looking for a place to take care of their dental hygiene.” Jimmy M.

“Pattie was extremely understanding and compassionate during the initial phone conversation. The staff we have met were extremely friendly and helpful. You all made our experience comfortable.” Chuck K.

“This was my first visit here and it was great. This was the nicest, best educated dental staff I have ever encountered. They did a great job and it was virtually painless.” Matthew S.

“I always receive excellent care when visiting your office…that’s why I continue to drive from Maryville instead of locating a dental office nearby. Thank you for the friendship of everyone on staff. You are the best!” Pam S.

“Best experience I have ever had at the dentist! Loved all the staff! Changed the way I feel about going to the dentist! Thank you for making me feel like I was the most important patient! Thank you!” Ashley W.

“The world’s a whole lot better place because of people like you.” Lauren H.

“Most positive experience I can remember on first visit to a medical professional and staff.” Bill M.

“Thank you, Dr. Woodall and crew! My partials are wonderful and I am sincerely grateful for all you have done for me.” Peter G.

“We are so grateful to find a new dental office…a staff of professionals who deliver exceptional service in such a warm and friendly environment. From day one we have felt like we have found a new home. Thank you to each one of you for using your God given gifts and talents to create such a pleasant experience for us. May God’s richest blessings come to you and each of your families because you are a blessing in the lives of those you care for.” Ed G.

“I praise God for this ministry of health care…Thank you!” V. Cross

“This is by far the best dental office I have ever known!” Gregg W.

“You guys are great!! I don’t like to smile because my mouth is so bad. But, Dr. Woodall says all this will change soon. I trust him! Thank you all so much. Dr. Woodall, thank you for all that you have done for me so far. I can’t wait to be able to smile & be proud of that smile.” Love, Yvonne P.

“I am one of Dr. Woodall’s assistants. I have had two neck surgeries, including fusions of my neck. I have suffered extreme pain in the head, neck & shoulders with very severe headaches for months. I usually keep my complaints to myself. I have now worn my NTI occlusal Guard faithfully for a month and am so happy to say that the upper shoulder stress is gone. The pain in my neck and in the head at stress points is gone and I can actually touch the muscles in my head and neck and not hurt anymore. Headaches are decreased by about 75-80% with the intensity decreased 100 fold. I don’t use pain meds and Tylenol was not cutting it. I’m so thankful for my NTI – well worth the investment. It’s a part of my sleepwear! Don’t go to bed without it!” Rosey I.

“I want to thank Dr. Woodall for helping me with my TMJ! He suggested that they make a mouthpiece (NTI) for me to use at night to keep me from clenching my teeth. At first, I did not see results from using the appliance, but after having patience and using it religiously every night, I have found relief. I now can open my mouth wider and no longer suffer from daily headaches. This appliance and Dr. Woodall have been a blessing to me! Thank you so much!” Brandy R.

“a great experience, and worth every penny.” Aziza D.

“Thank you for always being so kind, understanding towards my dental needs. Everyone is always so friendly! And…best of all…no pain!! Amy C.

“It’s great for the patient when the dentist is a perfectionist and Dr. Woodall is a PERFECT PERFECTIONIST!” Sheila K.

“Truly wonderful!”

“Excellent as usual!” Paddy D.

“Debbie & Pattie were wonderful!” Dr. Woodall is by far the best dentist I have ever had the opportunity to see!” Ben W.

“Dr. Woodall and his excellent staff are very thorough in their work. The kindness and extra care they show is unsurpassed by any other group of people I have encountered in any field of medicine.” Cathy H.

“My dental visit was terrific! Thanks for the great way your treat your patients.” Mark H.

“For the first time in my life, I can say the dentist is a good thing. I am 36 years old and have always feared a dentist visit due to pain but not anymore. Thank you!!” Will H.

Dr. Woodall and Staff, “I would like to thank you for all the years of service and saving my smile. I was so ashamed to smile when I was younger because of how my teeth looked. Not anymore. I enjoy laughing or smiling without covering my hand over my mouth. Dear friend, it has been an enjoyable journey and I still have most of my teeth. You have done an excellent job saving that smile! Thank you. Thank you for the professional and friendly staff. I especially appreciate Pattie for her long time service; her pleasant and helpful personality.” Your Grateful and Long Term Patient, Mary C.

“I have had one of the best experiences since becoming a patient here with you. This is just a note to let your staff know how much I appreciate the professionalism. You are awesome!! Thanks for all you do for my smile…..” Clarence S.

“Thank you so much! Dr. Woodall and his assistant were amazing! I will be back and will recommend them. I appreciate their help and honesty. Thank you again!” Trinity R.

“Amazing – As usual!” Ashley N.

“Fantastic! Dr. Woodall and his whole office staff offer the best in care and comfort! Thank you!” Alisa T.

“Guess we have all heard the phrase (she could pick cotton through a picket fence). Well, that was me! But, thanks to Dr. Woodall’s hard work, expertise and great knowledge, that has now changed. Not only did he give me my smile back, he also improved my speech and confidence. Thank you, Dr. Woodall, for going that extra 1000 miles. I am so grateful to you and your entire staff. Before, I was always embarrassed to go out to eat or smile. Not now! Now, I enjoy eating & smiling. I am truly blessed to have you for my dentist. I still can’t believe it. And no dentures! I know I have a way to go, but what an amazing transformation! I highly recommend Dr. Woodall & his entire staff to everyone!” Becky H.

“You guys are very truly a blessing to us. I pray God blesses you all so very much. When God looks down at you guys, he is smiling!” Pam W.

“I just want to say, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I am so grateful to you, Dr. Woodall , & your whole team. Everyone has been so wonderful to me. I feel like I am dreaming. My teeth have been so crooked all my life, and now they look so wonderful. They look like teeth! I am so, so proud! You have changed my appearance for the better. And, now I will be able to smile again! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Words cannot express how happy I am. Thank You!” Becky H.

“My visit was amazing, as always. What I’m even more impressed with is the transformation he provided my Mom. The work Dr. Woodall did for her was indescribable. She looks so beautiful I almost cried. What he has done for her is invaluable. Her smile is now the epitome of perfection and beauty, and her confidence and self-esteem reflect that. I’m so happy for her and so thankful for Dr. Woodall to give her what she deserves – the ability to smile proudly again! Words cannot express our gratitude!” Courtney D.

“There I was…eighty-seven years old and had not seen a dentist in 15 or 20 years. My mouth was a mess. I knew I had to do something soon so I began evaluating the dental landscape in Knoxville. The name of Dr. Gary Woodall kept popping to the top in all categories. Well, why not start at the top. I was surprised I was able to get an appointment but concerned that Dr. Woodall would take one look and tell me to go somewhere else. Didn’t happen. He relished the challenge. Within a few visits all the cracked, broken and shattered teeth were repaired and my mouth was operational again. But Dr. Woodall wasn’t finished. He wanted to bring my smile back to life. We had a consultation appointment at which he explained my options using the latest technology and equipment. I selected the option that fit my situation. We agreed on an approach and the results were awesome. My family and friends were astonished at what Dr. Gary had accomplished. I also need to tip my hat to the support staff that balanced skill and professionalism with having fun. My next appointment for a routine checkup is April 2014. I can’t wait.” The New Me Ed K.

“It was awesome! Front office & staff are very friendly & courteous. I always enjoy my visit even though I don’t particularly like going to “dentists”. Dr. Woodall is always very thorough.” Punam B.

“”I’m thrilled to finally have the beautiful smile I’ve wanted my whole life. You made the process easy, convenient, and surprisingly painless! The personal attention I received from everyone made me feel like my care was as important to you as it was to me. I now have the confidence to smile without being self-conscious about my teeth, and my now perpetual smile is getting me lots of compliments. They say the more you smile, the happier you are and vice-versa. It’s true…no more grinning with my mouth closed! I am blessed to have had this opportunity.” Sarah W.

“This was the most positive dental experience in all the years of going to the dentist. From the first call to the office where I was warmly received to the pleasant and professional staff that answered all my questions and gave great advice for my future care. Plus they fixed my tooth issue pain free. Thank you for the excellent service.” Mary M.

“This fit my budget and the results are great!” Beth C.

“I had a very, very pleasant experience today. The whole time I was waiting for that annoying pain to start, but it never did! I am so, so thankful and happy to have found Dr. Woodall.” Melika R.

“Supertabulous!” Richard H.

“I loved it! Thank you for getting me in on such short notice. It was such a pleasure.” Kristie G.

“Thank you so much…. I am overwhelmed. You are the greatest.” Shirley K.

“Thank you immensely for letting me shadow you last week. I learned a lot in the lab, and also in the office. I especially liked how you took time to answer my questions. I look forward to becoming a helpful dentist like you.” Peter G.

“Wonderful as always! Great, friendly, Christian office. Excellent cleaning and care.” Susan A.

“Thank you all for your wonderful care of me the past few years. I think you are the very best! (others are)…not as thorough and particular as you all are! I’ve had dental care all of my life but I’ve never known a more professional group of people and I felt I was getting the best of care! I will certainly recommend you to anyone needing a dentist!” Joan H.

“The visit was AWESOME – what FUN! Can’t wait to come back!” John H.

“I wish I could express how great a difference Dr. Woodall, all of his staff, and implant surgery has made in my life and my spirit. Dr. Woodall and his staff have a sincere and genuine desire to help those of us with dental difficulties and appearances. I had been in great pain and frustration with non-fitting dentures. I continued to grit my teeth and clench my jaw just to keep them in. I came to Dr. Woodall’s and have not regretted one single second. I travel from the Johnson City, TN area to be blessed by their work, and will continue knowing the consistency, honesty, and integrity they all represent. Their recognition of our humanity to one another is one of the reasons I would and do tell everyone I know about Dr. Woodall and his staff.” Maggie G.

“You all are absolutely amazing! So kind to my husband (new patient) and we cannot thank you enough! I have gone to you all for years and will continue to recommend you to others because of your pleasantness, kindness, generosity, and patience to your patients! Thank you so much again for everything you all have done for my husband, me, and my family!” Hilary Beth L.

“Everything went well. I am impressed with all the modern equipment and nice people.” John L.

“On the day of my daughter’s wedding, she awoke after a night of great pain with a dental abscess and a hugely swollen jaw. The wedding was scheduled for 5:00 PM that night. After recieving a call for help that morning around 8:15 AM, Dr. Woodall met us at his office, performed oral surgery, and placed a needed draining tube in her jaw. We went home and she slept until about 3:30. My soon-to-be-son-in-law picked up the prescriptions Dr. Woodall had called in, and we left for the church with her long hair down to cover what swelling remained and went on with the wedding. Her “something blue” was the draining tube! The most amazing aspects were the calls Dr. Woodall placed to me as her mother and Phillip as her husband to check on her before their honeymoon in Mexico. He reminded us also in times for the medications. What genuine love and concern! I believe he and his staff respond honestly to the call of love one another.” Maggie G.

“Another great visit, as usual-Everyone is always nice and professional.” Mike W.

“My visit was wonderful. Your compassionate staff worked me in as a new patient when I was in very bad pain, and I was in your waiting room less than five minutes. I think I’ve found my new dentist!” Kari H.

“I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain. I felt absolutely “NO” pain with these implants. I highly recommend this procedure and this staff.” Barbara H.

“Terrific! I love coming here to the dentist & having my teeth cleaned.” Brenda W.

“It is very encouraging to work with a dentist that doesn’t mind going the extra mile and do what it takes to achieve an excellent finish. We are suppose to do our work “”As unto the Lord” – always our best. Thank you for being that kind of a dentist.” Dennis K., Lab Technician

“Always great! Blessed to have you all as my dental provider. Thanks!” Barbara D.

” I love the Invisalign process & results and would highly recommend them! Love the results! The staff and Dr. Woodall’s knowledge made the entire process easy to follow.” Cris F.

“I had a wonderful experience despite my concern with doctors. Dr. Woodall came highly recommended and I can’t thank your office enough. With my first round of treatments, never felt a bit of pain or uneasiness. Dr. Woodall and his staff have been amazing. Thank you for all you do!” Chelsea A.

“I had a root canal on an abscessed tooth. Dr. Woodall and his assistant, Rosey, made the experience very smooth and painless. They kept me relaxed and comfortable through the procedure, even the numbing process was done painlessly. They were caring, thoughtful and supportive of my needs. I would recommend Dr. Woodall and his staff to anyone needing an exceptional dentist.” April H.

“Fear and dread turned to cheer and a delightful journey of empowerment with my dental care.” Mildred J.

“Relocating can be very stressful. I think one of the hardest things is to reestablish all your doctors. I took the children to a pedriatric dentist that I didn’t care for and went to another at the recommendation of a friend. Neither one was the right fit for us.

My next stop was Dr. Woodall. Seven years later the whole family is still very pleased. We actually like going to the dentist. It is a blessing to find a dentist that has integrity and skill. He reinvests in his practice so that his patients have the best technology in dental care. His staff, both medical and office staff, are wonderful people. His office is very well run. He has chosen his employees very well.

I often recommend Dr. Woodall, and everyone I have referred to him has been pleased. A visit to our dentist is an enjoyable experience.” Ann P.

“My name is Madeline. I love the dentist, Dr. Woodall. I wish I could come every week! I am sad when the dentist is closed. :)” Madeline, age 10

“It was the BEST cavity I ever had!! NO PAIN, and Dr. W. was done lickity-split. Thanks so much.” Kerry Jo

“I am forty-one years old, and absolutely, the biggest dental coward there is. I had a bad experience as a child, and had no dental work for 18-20 years. I made an attempt at 2 other dentists with no success. With the initial phone call, the staff at Dr. Woodall’s office convinced me that this was the place I needed to be. Dr. Woodall is amazing! I have had no pain; he listens to my concerns, and takes time with me. I have had 6 visits, and am now committed to getting all my work done. Anyone considering treatment should get it done!” Chris H.

“A short note to say thanks for my years of good dental service. Thank you so much for the hours, the kindness, the patience, and the emergency skills you and your wife put forth in order to save my grandaughter’s front teeth. We want you to know that we really appreciate you, and your wonderful staff.” Frances B., Stacy & Courtney

“I am so pleased with the outcome of the 8 porcelain crowns that Dr. Woodall did for me. After visiting Dr. Woodall’s office for the first time last summer, I had a really good feeling that I had found the dentist for me. He and his staff are very competent, friendly and professional. Great job!!” Brenda V.

“I was pleasantly surprised! It was quick, easy, painless, amazing, he is GOOD! I’ve never had such an easy time of having a tooth extraction. I will be recommending him to other folks. I am impressed!” Beverly C.

“Wonderful dentist and wonderful staff!! My whole implant experience was amazingly pain-free. With all my past dental experience being somewhat of a nightmare…this was totally opposite. I can’t thank Dr. Woodall and his awesome staff enough!! Great job!” Carolyn E.

“I was terrified of having a root canal! Dr. Woodall was so gentle and kind, that he put all the horror stories to shame. I had heard his shots were painless, but refused to believe that was possible. Now, I believe them. I could not feel the shot (or “gentle injection” as he likes to call it) at all. I felt NO pain the whole entire procedure. His calmness, kind-heart, and patience put you at ease. I am lucky to be his patient (not to mention he has a FABULOUS staff).” Whitney A.

“My visit was good, and I will visit again.” Mekhi, age 8