"My visit was great!  I have a lower implant.  I have been so excited about having them.  I believe if I can do it, anybody can.  When it comes to teeth, I'm the biggest baby of them all.  But thanks to the Woodall staff having great patience with me, it's been great.  No teeth moving around, just staying in place.  I appreciate everything they have done to make my teeth more comfortable and so beautiful!  Thanks a lot!"

Brenda J.


 "Great visit!  You all do a great job.  Thanks!"

James M.


 "It was terrific!  Since Waterpik was recommended and I began using it, I have had so much improvement.  My mouth feels so much better and I look forward to my check-ups.  Thank you so much!"

Peggy E.


"Absolutely Great! Dr. Woodall is wonderful and Erica was fantastic! Pattie was a pleasure! Thanks, all! I've never had a better visit... at the dentist!"

Kim R. 


 How was your visit?

"Fabulous - Wonderful!  Excellent!  Thanks!!!!!!"                                        Shirley K.

"Great - Outstanding - I can smile again"                                                    Wendell A.

"Life Saving with Grace"                                                                                  Mildred J.

"Absolutely the best!  Very thorough!"                                                          Craig S.

"My visit was wonderful as always!!  I would not go anywhere else!"       Michelle K.

"Excellent - efficient!  And I didn't drown!"