Facts About Crowns

One of the most common treatments we perform other than fillings is a dental crown. If we recommended a dental crown to you during your last visit, we recommend scheduling the appointment today. Delaying necessary dental treatments can lead to serious complications with your oral health. We know that it can be intimidating to receive a dental treatment that you may be unfamiliar with. Even if you don’t need a dental crown at this time, knowing about this common treatment may be beneficial to you in the future. Read on to learn more about a dental crown and the reasons we may recommend this treatment.

Root Canal Therapy – A Way We Can Save Your Tooth

Have you or a loved one ever received root canal therapy? If you haven’t, you may have a bad impression of this common dental treatment. A root canal is a tooth-saving procedure. Although many patients may be nervous to learn they need this treatment, we want to emphasize that due to the advancements in treatment and technology, patients compare the entire process to a more involved filling.

Watch This Moving Video!

Do you have a friend or family member who is looking for a new dental home? We always strive to make each patient feel like we truly care about not only their oral health but their overall health as well. Our patients are members of our family. We recently sat down with some of our patients, and they shared their thoughts and feelings about our practice. Click here to watch the video and see what they have to say about our team and dental practice.

Welcome To Gary R. Woodall DDS, MAGD, PA! Learn More About Our Dental Practice

At Gary R. Woodall DDS, MAGD, PA, we offer personalized dental care in a way that makes each patient feel like a member of our family. Dr. Woodall and his team have a unique opportunity to create a family environment while providing the very best in dental care and services to patients. We encourage you to learn more about our practice and hear thoughts from our team and our beloved patients.

My Personal Thoughts About Working For Dr. Woodall

Not everyone loves where they work. I can honestly say that I love everything about my job, and I love working for Dr. Woodall and with the rest of the team. I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Pattie Coker, and I am the Office Coordinator for the practice. I recently took the time to write a letter about what I think about Dr. Woodall and this practice. In my position, I have the opportunity to speak with many patients and observe the atmosphere in the office, and I can say that it is such a positive experience, and many new patients comment that they have never experienced such a thorough exam. Please read on for more of my thoughts about Dr. Woodall and the office.

What Is Gum Disease And Can It Affect You?

When you visit our office for a routine hygiene examination and cleaning, we do more than just clean your teeth and check for signs of decay. We also look for other common issues, such as oral cancer and gum disease. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious gum infection caused by bacterial growth along the gumline and around the base of the tooth. When gum disease is left untreated, it will continue to progress and can cause serious complications such as tooth loss and deterioration of the jawbone.

Are You Lucky Enough To Work With Your Family? Dr. Woodall Is!

As a parent, it’s a selfish goal to be able to see your children excel in their selected career paths. As a dentist, I am extremely proud that my daughters have strived and achieved their goals as award-winning dental hygienists. It’s not every day that a father gets the opportunity to work with his daughters, but I am blessed that this organically happened to me. If you are unfamiliar, Heather and Haley are my daughters, and they earned their positions as dental hygienists due to their strong work ethic, not because I am their father. It was never my intention to give my daughters a job in this practice just because they were my children. Read on to learn more about how my daughters came to join me in this practice and why you are lucky to have them as your dental hygienists.

Missing A Tooth, Or Teeth? We’ve Got Solutions!

Do you need to replace a tooth, and you’re struggling with which tooth replacement option to choose? Maybe someone you care about is living with tooth loss and not sure what to do. Whether you are experiencing this struggle at the moment or not, you may experience it at some point in your life. It is always beneficial to be more prepared and understand what your options are should you face a problem in the future. We specialize in a number of tooth replacement options and are more than happy to help you make your final decision. Read on to learn more about the tooth replacement options we have available to patients.